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Interactive poster
Diversify Animation

Britt Hoogenboom


Diversify - Place, Person & Appearance
Grafisch ontwerpen

Your environment defines your appearance.

Who or what decides the way you look? How do 'overall standards' affect your appearance? People experience an increasing social pressure regarding the way they look. But when do you look 'good' and what is 'good enough', who decides?

This narrative identity represents the contemporary society that has become fixated on appearances. The design visualizes a continual dialogue between the individual and its environment.

During this project, I researched the ‘norms’, beauty ideals and daily habits concerning appearances in various countries, using for instance Skype-interviews and an online questionnaire. We are continuously looking for perfection and changing our biological characteristics. We have the freedom to change our appearance, but on the other hand there are situations where people feel forced to change it, because otherwise they don't feel accepted by society. However, this is culturally determined to a large extent.

So question yourself, do you look the way YOU want to look, or does the environment around you decide it. What do you think you would look like if you would live in another environment?