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Tomato Trouble
Autonome beeldende kunst

Everyone’s familiar with the tomato and in most of our diets they make a good share. Looking at the cultural importance and varieties makes them a fascinating subject. Food, tomatoes included, makes a big deal of our lives and well-being, yet we put very little concern into it.

If you take a moment to have a close look at food, the ways it has been produced, processed and delivered to us appears quite fragmented. Using common sense, the whole system is quite arbitrary and lack of transparency creates even further problems.

In my research I have been digging as deep as possible, looking for information about the nutritional value, both industrial and small-scale cultivation, cultural factors, as well as consumption patterns of tomatoes in the larger context of food. Many parties and authorities, both national and international, providing information on the questions I had simultaneously confused and cleared the whole constituent.

Despite the incompleteness of information I could provide you, try to see the various aspects that create the big picture. How do you feel about it?