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Michelle Lievaart


It is what it is. Is it?

We live in a world that is dominated by technology and the digital. As well as in the fashionworld, where innovative industrial techniques give new oppurtunities within design and production. Where technical construction and crafted materials used to be the highest form of luxury, the new luxury now is time. Machines have been invented to complete jobs as fast as possible. Because of this the tactility that craft provides in materials has disappeared, as well as details and construction in clothing became minimal.
With this project I investigated how I could use these industrial techniques, which are intended for mass production, in a different way to bring the tactility that craft offers back in the materials. As well as through the rest of the collection, where well known clothingpieces and details have been put in different places whereby they loose their function. By alienating the materials and clothingdetails, they are put into another perspective and gain new appreciation.