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Rose Guitian

Looking without Seeing
Lifestyle & design

Can I question imagery by representing it's marginality?

The installation explores the artist’s vision upon her relation with contemporary imagery existing in her daily life. Interested in the marginal connotation, in that what is not seen at first, that what is not central.

In an ocularcentric society in which vision is empowered over the other senses, she finds a sideway to communicate with the viewer. During the video recordings of daily life happenings made with her phone, she extracts the moments where she had put by mistake her finger in front of her phone lens. Instead of obviously exposing what is being seen, such as the people or objects she encounters, she is rather fascinated by this flaw. The result are different red gradient frames whose spectrum depends on the amount of light.

The abstract imagery is placed in a new context and by adding a self written text, she questions and exposes an open research to her body of work, to the way she looks at things, embracing the viewer to participate in her thoughts, giving them the freedom to relate to it from their own point of view. The text is written in a diaristic way, being the narrator in this case the image that is projected within the space. Thus, it is the image that talks to the viewer once he or she is present in the space.