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Spice Jars

Simone van Braak

Design as Contribution to Sustainable Development
Product design

CHAKO is a social enterprise and workshop based in Stone Town, Zanzibar, where artisans make products from waste material (glass, dhow, paper) to raise awareness about the waste problem on the island and promote recycling.
CHAKO focuses on the tourism sector, as this is Zanzibar’s main source of income. Working according to the Tourist2Tourist concept, CHAKO uses waste directly produced by the tourist and sells the upcycled product in boutiques, hotels and resorts across the island.

Besides producing products and contributing to the waste issue, CHAKO’s mission is to increase skills, knowledge and capacity amongst the artisans to improve their lives in a sustainable way. By creating employment, education opportunities, training, and empowerment, they become more self-aware and independent.

As designer and ‘agent of change’, I was locally present to find clues for meaningful design, observing the needs and possibilities, and integrating new ideas whilst receiving direct feedback on the effects.
This did not only result in a marketable product but it also improved the organisation, production processes and opened doors for CHAKO to expand.

The design of the lamp originated from the idea to create a valuable product from waste glass, using smart solutions to promote waste reduction. This design is made from the residue of the existing Spice Jar collection. In this way, material is optimally used, stimulating efficiency in both design and manufacturing.