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Rosa Seav


Rosa Seav

White Norm
Lifestyle & design

For my project I did research about the associations of white and if these
associations coincides with people whose skin is deemed white. However my focus is on the white as skin tone used on products with and without the direct link to skin. When we look at ‘white’ and ‘nude’ they have something in common. Both are dominant and linked to white people but are unconsciously present for Western people. When I look at this I conclude that this is quite strange.
Skintone has only meaning as a social and political construct. What white and nude have in common is that they are both dominant but unconsciously present and are linked with white people. With my short fi lm I sought to alienate ‘nude’ and give it an uncanny vibe, and make it seem unsettling and mysterious. This was so I could unsettle what is considered as normal, and by doing this make it visible.

The aim is to unsettle the viewer who is looking at visuals that they would usually consider as normal.