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Mick Jongeling


Mick Jongeling

The Cloud Decoded

The Internet has become an extension of our consciousness and has been integrated in our daily life.We share our most precious data faster than ever, all by means of the use of the Cloud.

The Cloud is one of the greatest marketing metaphors ever created, leaving us to believe that the amount of data storage is unlimited.

With the majority of our data being user-generated content, we produce more data every two days as we did since the beginning of civilization up until 2003.

However, the physical side of the Cloud is unknown to its users. Our data is processed by “data centers”, huge facilities that consume massive amounts of electricity to operate.
These facilities are to our “Information Age”, as what factories were in the Industrial Age:

essential, omnipresent and polluting.

The annual emissions of these data centers make them the fifth largest polluter in the world.

We begin to see the impact the Industrial Age has had on our planet. At the same time the
infrastructure of coal, water,electricity and our Internet has always remained invisible.

My graduation project visualizes the impact of our interaction with the Cloud and with it, I express my concerns about the Information Age and the way we collectively neglect our responsibilities to know the effects of a system we use on a day to day basis.