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Giorgio Lieuw-On


'processing… charging… ready…'
Grafisch ontwerpen

With ‘processing… charging… ready…’ GIORGIO LIEUW-ON created a project that gives you an introspective view of an introvert. ‘processing… charging… ready…’ replies to the extravert world we live in, where you will get frowned upon as an introverted person. GIORGIO LIEUW-ON wants to create an image of a world in which introversion is not considered as a weird attribute. A world in which GIORGIO LIEUW-ON can be who he is, without being misunderstood or receiving weird looks. GIORGIO LIEUW-ON invites u to an introverted world, his introverted world.

This world he invites u to is formed by several aspects. GIORGIO LIEUW-ON created a cape/cloak with which he can shut himself off from the outside world and come to his own senses or to show the world that he is ready for whatever they have in store. This cape/cloak will be the main object in the film in which u will get a demonstration of how the cape/cloak works. In this film GIORGIO LIEUW-ON will tell u all about his experiences as an introvert and how it affects him as a person.

At the graduation exposition the film and cloak were exhibited in his room of introversion. This room is the most comfortable room you can imagine and it was filled with expressions of the things that GIORGIO LIEUW-ON desires as an introvert.