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Rin Oni; Your Morals are Strange and Conflicted

Irem Karakus


Irem Karakus (Rin Oni)

Your Morals are Strange and Conflicted

Rin Oni is a menswear designer who has a fascination for storytelling. She craves alternate realities, believing that storytelling and metaphor are innately connected to who we are and who we want to be as human beings. Her designs are a medley of everything she gets inspired by, with a focus on sports inspired esthetic. In her work, she always searches for a balanced play of these ideals of masculinity and vulnerability.

Project Your Morals are Strange and Conflicted is about understanding the subconsciousness mind of Rin. It is a where her fantasy world lays. In this project introduces Rin ten fictional characters that lives in her subconscious mind, which represents different stages in her life, translated in different stories and outfits.