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Christian Edward van Gils


C.E. van Gils

Grafisch ontwerpen

Reconnecting is a personal research project in which i try to
find a form of acceptance for my Indonesian heritage, and
ultimately the relationship with my parents and their ways of
giving both tutoring and love.
It is a nostalgic yet critical journey into the past, in order to
better the present, and shape the future as not only a more
versatile designer through cultural acceptance, but also as a
spiritual richer and more complete human being.
It is about embracing this feel of ‘in between’, instead of
neglecting it, or constantly pushing it away. Something i
have done throughout most of my adolescent years. As a
child of both Indonesian parenting, and also the Dutch
educational system in a Western society, i try to tap into
these new cultural findings through personal juxtaposing and
contemporary approach.
Closed off with making contemporary batik cloths to give
back to my parents, the final set up of this project serves as
a communicative platform in which you will find both end
results as process as a form of fluid transparency in a
designated living-room of the in between state. Nostalgic
furniture and objects out of my childhood home are placed,
combined with contemporary artworks in a speculative
room of constant flux. Giving insight into this transitional
universe from the old to the new, the new to the old, a fluid
reality exists in which i try to cope with both my struggles
and wishes. An ultimate form of the in between.