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Exhibition Cypressvägen 1
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Sabina Džananović


Cypressvägen 1
Ruimtelijk ontwerpen

As a designer it is important to have an identity that can be recognized by your target group and that will distinguish you from other designers. With the aim to capture my identity as a designer I worked on the following questions: In what way can aspects like my motivation, visual style and view on the profession form my identity as a spatial designer? And in what way can I communicate this identity towards my target group?

Besides that, I focused on my goal to help clients create a place that can make them feel at home and enjoy a comfortable surrounding. This motivation comes from my personal experience in having to adjust my surrounding to myself, during the many times I have moved in the past.

In this research on my identity as an interior designer and the goal to help clients to feel at home in their surrounding, I used an existing house as a framework to work in and reflect on my process. This house of a Swedish family is located in Sweden, my future homeland and market.

This process has led me to a good start of capturing an identity, which focuses on comfortable living and a visual style to translate my vision into a physical form, which will be developed over the coming years in my career.
The exhibition shows the results of my research: an interior design of the Swedish house with my identity merged into it. This is about the relaxed and pleasant atmosphere that is not about making a statement, but rather valuing the detail.