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Angela Willemsen


New Perspectives
Product design

Nowadays we are able to determine almost every aspect of our lives, such as clothing and food, but our surroundings are generally determined for us. Buildings often appear different on the outside, but on the inside they are essentially all the same. Spaces mostly look like rectangles, one slightly larger or higher than the other. It’s the most efficient building structure, but for the user of such a space it’s often difficult to break through this standardized formula.

By not looking at a space as a fixed framework, but by letting the user finalize the design, spaces are able to obtain their own character. The 90° angle is a characteristic element of the rectangular formal language of architecture. By allowing the user to adjust the angle themselves, the structural elements become connected to the user and furnishings. These newly created corners add dimensions, but they also offer a change of perception, a local sense of comfort and protection. Depending on the incidence of light and the user's point of view, the objects appear to constantly change perspective, transforming the interior into a more dynamic composition. Subtly reflecting their immediate surroundings, they are obedient to the existing standardized interior, while offering new perspectives to it.

The wall object series 'New Perspectives' offers a new, part functional, part sculptural, opportunity to adjust the shape of our surroundings.