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Recycle, neutral theme
Throw your water bottle away
Be aware of pickpockets.
Do not smoke
Do you have anything to declare?

Alisa Rysaeva


Talking walls

All public interior space, such as airports or train stations, have sets of messages to communicate to its visitors. You are surrounded by them as soon as you step inside: schedules, icons, audio announcements. Most of them exist in the form of texts or icons. And in my opinion most of them are too sober and boring.

So during my graduation, I have developed a new approach to the communication of these messages: to translate them into wall paintings. Information in the form of picture is more easily and quickly readable, and as a bonus it also looks fun.

It turned out that not all messages are appropriate for such translation (for example: variable information, such as schedules, obviously does not work in the form of picture on a wall). So the best candidates I found were 'attention messages'. They warn people about some danger or ask people to pay attention and follow some rule.

Research shows that one way to grab peoples' attention is to introduce absurd elements into
pictures. When we see something incongruous, we involuntarily try to rationalize it, and while
this cognitive effort happens we automatically pay attention to the picture, and also memorize
it more easily.

Here I present to you five attention messages from Schiphol International Airport that I have turned into pictures:
1. Separate waste for recycling.
2. Throw your water bottle away (near security gates).
3. Be aware of pickpockets.
4. Do not smoke.
5. Do you have anything to declare?