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Green eyed lady

Leontine Brugmans


The space between your ears
Autonome beeldende kunst

BARBIE IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN THE WORLD! At least that is what I used to think when I was a young girl. Anything Barbie: I had it. But composing new outfits for her was my favourite thing to do. Preferably out of materials that were not meant to be used in that way. Like using tissues, in which you are supposed to blow your nose, as a dress. Ever since, I've asked myself: What is normal? Why can't I do this? Why must I do it like that? Not until art school did I compare my own body to that of Barbie. And asked questions like: WHAT IS NORMAL HERE? With my work I want YOU to INTERPRET for yourself WHAT it is that YOU SEE.
I am always looking for that uneasy feeling between viewer and image. To create this, I use my own life, body and experience and connect this to what I see happening in the world and to what is still going to come. I rearrange existing imagery, such as pictures, drawings and magazines, to create new actualities in which I want to confront the viewer with multiple new realities. WHAT REALITY ARE YOU CONFRONTED WITH IN MY WORK?