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Sven van der Velden


Algorithmic Textiles
Product design

Working with machines nowadays sounds easy.
The creator delivers and the machine produces.
However the machine only makes a final result and doesn’t focus on the production process in between.
Algorithms in the computer software calculate and follow a certain function in a specific amount of time.
I want to show these algorithms in a variety of patterns the machine and I have been creating together.

For this project I went into dialogue with a digital embroidery machine.
My designs are interpreted by the machine in it’s own way, and I react on these results out of details, features in the software, and out of personal fascinations.
It’s all about observing and reflecting on what is being made in the moment.
As a designer you have the ability to controle the algorithms without actually knowing how they work.

It’s practical brainstorming with a fellow engineer.
You are the creative one and he is the technical stubborn who does it in his own way.
I’m there to observe, reflect, discuss and guide the design into a new way beyond the wildest imaginations.