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Nicky de Looze


together with Natascha Goed

AGNIES: a locally developed perfume from Rotterdam
Product design

The Agniesebuurt is a troubled neighborhood situated in the North of Rotterdam. There’s a high level of unemployment and it’s not a pleasant place to walk alone at night. Local entrepreneurs and residents are trying to make a difference with various initiatives, often on a voluntarily base. To contribute to this neighborhood in transition, we designed a new strategy. The purpose is to increase the livability by stimulating social cohesion between residents and entrepreneurs, starting a local economy and stimulating job employment.
The medium to achieve this is the perfume ‘Agnies’.
Residents determined the ingredients for this perfume and locally produced the porcelain bottles with cork caps. With facilities of local entrepreneurs, this product is developed and distributed. For their efforts they get reciprocal services and perfume in return.
The ceramic techniques which are used to produce the bottles, are taught through workshops. During these workshops residents also decided what the perfumes should smell like. The female version of Agnies roughly contains notes of ginger and bergamot, with a flowery and exotic core of roses, jasmine, ylang-ylang and coconut, with a sweet base of strawberry and vanilla. The men from the Agniesebuurt chose a more musky and seasoned scent. The male version comprises among other things smells of sandalwood, patchouli and nutmeg topped with the freshness of lemon and a salty sea breeze.