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Jane Paludanus


Woman is not human but a #monster

In 2012 I came across an article about an invisible substance called Menotoxin. Developed in the 1920's by the Hungarian-born Béla Schick, Menotoxin was believed to exist in menstrual blood as a poison carried around by menstruating women, making them unclean, dangerous and in possession of special powers. The touch of a menstruating woman was believed to make wine go bad and to wilt flowers. Dough couldn’t rise, meat couldn’t be salted and bugs would die if a menstruating woman would run through the fields. But if you think that’s bad, think again. Apparently Menotoxin exists in a woman’s body during menstruation, before menstruation and weeks after their menstruation. In other words: a woman is dangerous, unclean and supernatural at all times. According to this belief, we can no longer deny it… Women aren’t human. They’re monsters.

'Woman is not human but a #Monster' is a work in progress, exploring a fascination for ignored or forgotten subjects and hidden daily activities through a series of photographs. Constantly driven to renew and develop her identity as a woman, I subject myself to the effects of shame and the fear of being ashamed by confronting my own imperfections, insecurities and reservedness.

Inspired by private conversations, dreams and memories, I search for unique ways to combine my love for esthetic images with private matters using a touch of humor, fantasy and sarcasm. The goal of this project is to engage audiences with the universe.