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Milo Dool_Wood Decay by Fungi_spalted wood
Milo Dool_Wood decay by fungi_wall lamp
Milo Dool_Wood Decay by Fungi calyces
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Milo Dool


Wood Decay by Fungi
Product design

This project is derived from my personal fascination for wood decay caused by fungi.
In today’s standardized wood industry, defects and deviations are not allowed while they can be of great value. Wood is a resource that is formed by nature and that in its last life stage is biodegraded by fungi. This process can result in beautiful visual effects to the material - for example pigmentation, bleaching and zone line formation. This project offers a new perspective on the material, and on both the application and cultivation of fungi in wood.

Wall-and pendant lights
A property of the material that initially was considered as an imperfection, is being applied as an added value to lighting objects. The areas affected by white rot do have an increased light transmittance. The glowing light objects provide both functional and mood light. The wood is made up to 1,5 millimeter thin so that light can get through.

The wood industry still strives for perfect straight-grained lumber; deviations and imperfections are not allowed. In order to change our mind-set towards the material and to make a statement, fungal degraded wood is placed in a different perspective. Using blue stained pinewood for marquetry, to decorate a perfect and error-free panel. At the same time, it does show a very common type of wood, yet its existence is not obvious to everyone.