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The Gentleman's Escape

An inspirational guide on how to rethink and redesign waiting time in stores.
This guide will be sent to five department stores: Macy’s, Harrods, Selfridges, Barney’s and Lafayette; it is an attempt to inspire them to use waiting time meaningful.

One of the proposed design solutions is 'The Gentleman's Escape'.

A branded waiting experience by Sony that helps young men when they need it most: while traveling from waiting bench to waiting bench during endless shopping sprees with their beloved partner.

By offering an active intervention to young waiting men at the Bijenkorf department store, 'The Gentleman’s Escape' makes waiting time productive and fun.

This hidden Gentleman’s Escape hosts a game that gives waiting visitors an active role in the shopping activity by using their time to play for credit on future purchases. In the game, guys get a mission: find your partner with Sony’s cameras in the Bijenkorf and team up to hunt for discount. By hijacking the surveillance cameras in the Bijenkorf and installing Sony’s cameras, Sony creates a game that transforms the Bijenkorf and its visitors into living game elements. With the zoom function, players can track down their partner in the department store, like a real-time 'Where is Wally'. To win, they have to lead her through the store within 5 minutes to as much discount as possible. After 5 minutes, time is up - and the app shows your score.