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Dagmara Weronika Chechelska

Twardowski's Quarry - Environmentally aware society
Ruimtelijk ontwerpen

The good economic situation in Poland gives many companies opportunities to grow and to build up. Many beautiful areas have been taken away for big investments. Some of these places should never become built- up. Due to local problems, Twardowski’s Quarry near Krakow can become one of the places that are going to lose their beautiful wilderness.

Unfortunately, society is not aware of the changes, because the changes are not yet strongly visible. Sustainability is as yet an unfamiliar concept in Polish society.

Twardowski’s Quarry is one of the few lakes in Krakow. There are only two reservoirs in that city. Even then, the lake can not be visited by people because of its wilderness. High cliffs and whirlpools in the water are a real danger. The government is searching for a way to make this place accessible for everyone. This isolated place has a chance to gain identity and become more safe and social.

The concept involves using local qualities of these surroundings and creating a safe, social place where people can learn through experience. I also create conditions for recreational use of this place; I propose a design that will make a good connection between humans and water/nature. Design should also wake environmental awareness within Polish society.

RECREATION, SPORT and EDUCATION are three ingredients that will be used as a tool to change social perception on sustainability and environmental situation of Twardowski’s Quarry.